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Our mission is to create a hub which unites a world of artisan wine enthusiasts, winemakers and students, and is strengthened by learning, sharing and connection.   

What IS Community.Wine?

Community.wine is a FREE Membership Hub designed to connect more than 1,000 artisan wine producers in Italy and around the world, restaurateurs, students, and artisan wine enthusiasts.

Featuring VinumVersity, with online courses on wine suitable for everyone (experts and novices) to learn what is not taught in books or schools. A place of sharing, information, culture and socialization - and the chance earn points which can be used to win free prizes.


Weekly Lessons with Quizzes

Weekly lessons cover every aspect of the wine universe: from soil to bottle. Stories, culture, and territory. Test your knowledge, earn points and prizes, and compete with other members.

Social Connections

Finally! A social platform dedicated to Wine! Think of it like Facebook for wine enthusiasts. Make new friends, share photos and stories, and trade travel tips and ideas with like-minded people from all over the world.

Private Forums

We've got a place for everybody in Community.Wine. Enthusiasts and professionals, amateur connoisseurs, and student sommeliers. Get direct access to growers and producers for a learning experience you won't find anywhere else.

Members-only Content

Over the years we've collected hundreds of stories, video testimonials from producers and craftsman - personal stories that aren't not written down in any books. We want to share this legacy with you!

Members-only Discounts and Contests

Membership has its benefits! Our Wine Club members already know that we treat our community like family. Enjoy exclusive contests and drawings, deep discounts on wine and other products from our store.

Earn Points redeemable for real stuff

Underneath it all is the Roscioli brand serving fine food and wine to our customers since 1972 in the heart of Rome.  We do many contests and giveaways with our wines and points will accumulate from passing quizzes and from contests, which will unlock discount codes for our wines, gastronomy and club.



A different approach to learning about wine

What IS VinumVersity?

There are many ways to study wine, many approaches, infinite motivations.

Some of you study wine for a living, some would simply like a diploma, some wish to make a good impression over dinner with friends.  If you search online you'll find thousands of courses, millions of video tutorials, infinite organizations, groups, and clubs that talk about wine.

Learning all the technique, history, and science of wine if your goal is to become a famous sommelier is useless if you're unable to communicate this knowledge to those who know nothing about wine in a way that allows them to care.

Our video lessons are born precisely with this intent. Bringing wine back to its role as a social connector, as a carrier of stories, landscapes, cultures and people. We start from the landscape, history, practices and traditions of artisan winemakers and skip the textbooks filled with general knowledge you can find with a simple google search.

So instead of starting from the label, the score, the macro region, the style and the grape variety in Community.Wine we focus on the path and the people who lead to the label and not the other way around.  Every story, every practice, every territory is different, unique, unrepeatable, as should be every bottle, every taste, every experience which is shared at the table.

Our informal courses are designed not to make distinctions between enthusiasts and professionals, between master sommeliers and simple occasional drinkers.

Because knowledge is useless if not shared.

Free and Designed for All

Our courses are designed not to make distinctions between enthusiasts and professionals, between sommeliers and simple occasional drinkers. This course is designed for anyone with sommelier training (or not) and will only take 30 minutes per week.

New Lessons Every Week!

Each new week brings an opportunity to learn new things, earn points for each correct quiz answer, and beat the clock to rack up additional points and unlock achievements.


Measure your progress through our weekly lessons and check the leaderboards to see where you rank among other members. Here's your chance to show off and earn prizes by staying ahead of your peers.


Who is it for?


Community.wine allows wine producers to create an international network of contacts with potential customers, with other wine producers in Italy and around the world. Learn new practices and techniques for growing and winemaking from your own colleagues.

Wine Enthusiasts

The Community.wine platform allows the common drinker to gain awareness, learn in a simple and effective way to drink well, discover places and landscapes outside the classic and exploited mass tourism networks.  We give you the chance to speak to winemakers directly.

Wine Students

Our platform is designed for you to connect with others studying wine and to supplement your textbook knowledge with everyday practices of winemakers which are not often discussed in textbooks.  Video courses bring you directly to the land, history and terroir of the regions.


Our platform allows restaurateurs to acquire new tools to communicate wine to their customers and an innovative way to train their staff with unique things to say.  Ideal for sommeliers.