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Coutandin, Ramie and Pinerolese

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  Daniele Coutandin is a winemaker in the extreme viticultural circumstances of Perosa Argentina, Piemonte. He takes us on a tour through his vineyards and cantina, while explaining the areas microclimate, the importance of proper pruning and vine training. He also talks about his grape varieties and his natural approach to wine making, both in the vineyard and in the …

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Croci, Piacenza and the Vineyards

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  Winemaker Massimiliano Croci introduces us to the history and present of his winery in Castell’Arquato, colli Piacentini, in Northern Italy. He talks about their Col Fondo (sur lie) sparkling wines, typical from the area. Throughout the years, this style of wine had its ups and downs in popularity. He concludes his story with some food-wine pairing suggestions.   Not …

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Terenzuola and massive selection

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  Mass selection. The Colli di Luni DOC allows the farmer to produce a 100% Vermentino. Many DOC producers turn to a well-known nurseryman from Udine, who sells Vermentino Sardo to them, which will therefore be planted in Liguria. Alternative? Mass selection: that is, biotypes of Vermentino (in this case) which over the years have better adapted to the territory, …